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Zamalek Yalil Dub (Nation Records 1995)

   Expected nothing but the world around her spinning slower as this woman of the remaining decent of an English Azkhenazi /Moroccan Sephardic daughter experiences not only just different cultures but as well musical sounds within her ancestral and links to Egyptian, Palestine and North African stronger by certainty. Natacha Atlas’s debuting record carries her future and past legacy among the Jews, Brussels to London as Leftfield, Tribal mixing  to Downwtempo and Dub Ambient with Electronic World Music spreading freely off her throne of the kingdom of Diaspora (the record) like you can’t never imagine before.

   The superb traditional of seminal Arabic chants and Jewish lyrics by the performing tools of musical traditional may prevails to your foreign ears as the listed tracks play here … Iskanderia, Leysh Nat’arak, Duden, Feres, Alhambra Pt. 1 onto Fun Does Not Exist or Yalla Chant would leads the audience to the opening windows of all rooms in a building of the middle nowhere to seek enlightenment surroundings the oase an heavenly parts of lost earth by listening to some of this music that sounded like coming from the archeological sites where souls of the explorers feeling something mythical and unknown to discovers – just like the beauty of a maghreb girl plus her remixes versions. 

As the queen herself waiting for her king.