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Workbenches Branching (Rebellion Developments 2018)

   Goes for the real fantastic adventures over myths and legends overture as Strange Brigade’s third-person shooter cooperative gaming brought you some of the best fighting and battle moments customized onto different mythological creatures like minotaurs, gigantic scorpions or mummies with no minutes wasted as you and your team characters: Nalangu Rushida with her vampire striker fast moves ability or Gracie Braithwaite the haymaker exploder; Prof. Archimedes De Quincey with his secret finder keen and powerful soul holding the torch to Frank Fairburne – a super sniper headshot of the Westminster 1895, Chamberlain or dynamite rifle not threaten to stop travelling into Egypt – hunting for the discovered nameless tomb of the brute yet barbaric queen of Sahara Africa Seteki whom being overthrown by her dissatisfaction people as the restless spirit of her being released with the cursed armies of the undead guarding the treasure as told. The group of secret service agents sent there by the British colonial government to infiltrates the expedition site and must eliminate the evil. Large arsenal of weaponry to be used, waste and disposal activate to absolving to unlock prototype others and collecting gold coins as the plane parachute jumps and thus gates entering to face horrific danger missions cannot stop the force of these heroes from succeeded as it begins. 

   Great animations, sound effects and background music produced through this non-stop action game; finding artifacts, going inside dark caves, destroying the necromancers or exploding spots will addicts you while drinking health potions or solving puzzle. Directed by Tim Jones and designed by Andy Pattinson to Gordon Rennie (writer) for Xbox or PC and PS4 will encourage you with huge emphasis for keep on running forward while terrors spreading from inside the forbidden tomb in forms of horrific creatures crawling to scratch and devours your presence. Shoot up the evil things and the crusher devices to help the team success on gaining points to victory and upgrading levels not staying have a look for museum. This game is only for the brave fans and real adventurer mind !