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Wine & Sex (Self-Released 2017)

   Where Classic Rock plus Hard Rock plus original dynamic fusion of the world united musicians from different places like Sri Lanka’s Buddhi Del Mal on vocals/harmonica, Bhargav Choudhury (India) on guitar/bass, Charly of France for vocals/bass, Andrew Tokko of US doing the shredder or Shae “Pope Def” Garrett the drumming guy to Anhony Kuo of Taiwan for keyboards not ruining the performance and melodies arrangements over five tracks and debut EP off The Sutra’s self-titled onto this Psychedelic Blues Rock and Los Angeles self-esteem play brought you Dreams of Sins or Another Day in LA or Give Loving All Along means quite contributing messages to the youth of today's confusion generations to take a stand or take parts in controlling the manner of humans on preserving not destroying and keep on having fun in their living daily like the blessings from the paddy-rice and prosperity goddess of kwan-yin towards all rockers while listening to this good intention extended play from the new group of talented earthlings; with audio recorded, produced and mixed/mastered by Joseph Sebastian.

Like a representations of the seven sea of the world combines there ...

The Sutra: