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Waterfalls (Madmind Studio 2018)

   There’s no such things as thicker lines between reality or fantasy for enters this disturbing dark survival horror gaming as the journey begins for the players as the tormented souls in the depth of hell losing their past memories but special ability controls people and their possessed path about weak-minded demons surrounded by such an extreme conditions as like malevolent creations, bloody gore scenes, dead carcasses and malignant environments, burnt intestines-like walls onto the blurry visions while escaping the terrorizing creatures of unspeakable darkness comes to feast on your fear and flesh as perspective into protagonist king of ancient land of Faustian bargaining to Red Goddess as well both Nimrod and goddess Amraphel as you wandering through the condemned and damnation wasteland and cavity and liquid rivers inside the layers of hell by obeying the commands not to go lower and awakening the beast of the deep. Sufficient committed play by doing Agony game may leads to a satisfaction for witnessing all those heavy gored background and displays of awesome CGI like watching the real world class horror series there while your stumbled walks stepping into the far unreasonable unknown environments before returning to living world or being slaughtered by the creatures or the beast as the revelation for Whore of Babylon seemed to be canonical by sound but true. 

   The configuration of exact horrific atmosphere shaped at its best on the gameplay stories as one kept being haunted by terrifying fears about what to encounters or following your footsteps unnoticed by creepy to horrendous surrounds for the composing sound effects to instrumental classical eerie and scary music by Polish composer/orchestrator Draco Nared follows the beginning as The Fall, Maze, The Pit, Stranded onto Servant of Hell, Frozen Fire, Ice and Blood towards more tracks of instrumental wicked and horrible to hear aloud from Ruins From The Past, Sit on The Throne, The Tower or fully song with vocals in Once Again (feat. Liane Silva) as the crawling things behind the dark would be hostile towards you unpredictable just like Agnieszka Ruminska gave this music production consultant for compilation that shall haunted your minds in the middle of the play …