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Visit Newport Hospital (Deram 1971)

   Right after the disbanded of their previous acts as one of their members left for college; Dave Stewart (organ), Mont Campbell (bass/vocals) and Clive Brooks (drums) forming at the end of ninety-sixty nine era the simple named new group – Egg as the sign to major label looking for the next Progressive Rock Classical craziness a la ELP pseudonyms which sent them struggling for years on shows and recognition from the Rock Music public gets paid where this fortunate recording along forty-two minutes and twenty seconds organized by the main performance of the focusing trio sends for avoiding skinheads or the law in twin ways socio-politics but making better imaginative music via piano/tone generator/orchestron onto vocals or percussions with additional trumpets from Henry Lowther and Mike Davis and tenor saxophone by Bo Downes or Tony Roberts as references the tracklisting inside The Polite Force blown the techniques and high altitude talents of arrangements written tracks over the Side One off Boilk (Incl. Bach: Durch Adams Fall Ist Ganz Verderbt) or Contrasong as well as Side Two titles of more progressions divided acts started for Long Piece No. 3 – Part 1 until Part 4. 

Sensibility goes as relies Avant-Garde gets Psychedelic-Pop lingering maturity movement in compositions as regarded Egg shown out from the middle of nowhere answering the basic question about which existing first … 

   As you can guessing or see why the front cover sparks the meaningless cover blasts as reflection of the portal explosion from the land of the dreams.

The Polite Force: