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Virulence Strain (In At The Deep End Records 2006)

   Stuart Dobbins led coalitions of under the Thrash Metal with Hardcore elemental fixations worshiping zombies and the undead beings off these Leeds, West Yorkshire crew consisting of XUdead on bass guitar, El Diablo (drums), Medico on lead guitars and B’Hellmouth for lead vocals as started as side projects before becoming further solidify non-questionable crazed unit with victims and fans collectively got their ideas for the band’s name from the horror movie Return of The Living Dead (1985) dialogue line for false dispatched on Send More Paramedics and just stuck there for fucking good.
   Within thus make-up and deader creature offensive looks over the band members creative designs; The Awakening is your total head-banger fusion of the UK’s finest newer genre of horrific Thrash Metal attacks like the horde coming faster towards your defensive line and there’s nothing to do but fight or run because the end is really going on here as the stereo system blasting the harder tunes screams or shouts alarming over Everything is Not Under Control, Sever, Twilight of The Flies, Flail of God The unclean to Antropophagi, Vital Signs and Transmission plus the soundtrack on additional disc two covering more destructive record songs for zombie-apocalypse waves for the modern world collapsing via Amid The Ruins, End of The Chase, The Fear onto The Decision is Made and other Spoken words, Synopsis, music video of Zombie Crew and the truth about Nothing Tastes Like This given the addition of all both more than an hour of horror pleasure heavy Metal extremities eating your brain slow as easy to turns you into brainless flesh eater like the rest of us.

The Awakening: