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Versus Monuments (Fat Wreck Chords 2002)

   Rich what ? … Richmond, Virginia used to be having their own scene of local Skater-Rock Punks of America and one of them is just about to be introduced as the consistency of Beau Beau with Ed Trask, Gwomper and Joe Banks to Tim Barry hardened blasting the essential mid-tempo fast Punk-Rock and Pop skater atmosphere through the spontaneous honesty lyrics to wrote down and arranged into best sound-clashing tunes with hardliner bass-rhythms to the magic riffs and speeding drums for the mixtures of Hardcore to Pop-Punk ala The Descendants from Avail to their loyal fans even after several years before another new recording comes to the market within Front Porch Stories that not only sharing the stage rip-offs to the enjoyments for having themselves a chance to making another one as good Alternative Folk and Country influences goes favorable for the newer genre listeners of Avail but the late older audience still considering them as good seminal protester of the society and (sub) urban social living problems as Black and Red opening the show followed by West Wye, You, Done Reckoning into Gravel To Dirt or East On Main and Subdued & Arrested as well as The Falls tells us and them the factual infatuation whether you got drinking too much and drunk and thinks about apathy while your drunken friend got a different opinion for rioting the streets and noticing that everybody had their own solutions – sometimes going to freaks you out.

From uncle to nephews, from father to their children and the cursed circle keep continues with different subjects.

Front Porch Stories: