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Trendels Ude (Lakeshore Records 2008)

   Gary Sanchez Productions picked this piece of low-budget comedy black movie starring Danny McBride as Fred Simmons whom is a black belt taekwondo having his own classes place or dojang of the small North Carolina town and proud himself as a big shot extolling virtues and drive Ferrari shown to all potential students and newcomers but losing the confidence over cheating wifey Suzie’s handjob blown after drunken party at the office to her boss and by all that means to restoring himself Fred needs to not just visiting another expos but meet his idol b-action moviestar Chuck “The Truck” Wallace whom turning now dirty and drunken as mess but with a persuasion from Fred to make an appearance to the gym on upcoming taekwondo belt test and brawling to be black and blue between them on the backyard duel (after he making love with Fred’s unfaithful spandex-clad wife on their couch); the students’ hotel room and friends parties ended up with Fred selling his car to pay Chuck fee for about ten thousand dollars.

Within that moment, slutty Suzie comes back to Fred after the job lost but Fred this time tells her the truth and then urinating the wedding ring – ends up their relationship for good. The Foot Fist Way deals with a very laughable story plot as exhibits as your favorite b-rated films for seminal sexual plus more shitty comedy and conversations via awkward moments just like the final situation where Fred being late to arrive with battered/bruised conditions but still manage to amazed everyone with his high technique skills of martial arts by challenging demonstration to Chuck arrival later as they’re doing board breaking to more board breaking as well as bricks too before results goes to Fred wins the ceremonial timing shown for all his students that he still the best in business. 

   The late pledge outlines for goals seems to be wraps the total laughable watch for some of you but the music directing compositions on the music from the motion picture sounded great to hear which various artists did immediately fits the scenery on the movie within Pyramid sells their songs about Put To The Test, Dog Wild Heaven or The Handjob Lament but as well as Kung Flude comes to with Hi Ya, I Control Your Rock N’ Roll and other beats goes on and on by Birds of Avalon, Uno Dose, Dynamite Brothers to Sexual Warriors forcing the audience to hear some of those Confidence, Trucker Enters Demo, Sack O’ Locks or Anthems; might sounded rocks better than the settings but they all works.