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Trawling Low (Oven Material 2017)

   Created by the talented self of these fine local musicians of the loving Alternative Pop scene in New South Wales as the names like Tim Story, Tony Lopes, Leighton Holloway to Shaun Donovan are in their greatest independent moment for writing the surreal daily basic themes over Black Springs’ Jangle Pop correctional ideas onto much guitars on melodies to harmonic popular catchy music for the singing while bathing as this mixed works from Caleb Jacobs (aka Plum) meet the painted front cover off thus reptilian giant old and ancient unearthly positions as wiser freedom saying When We Were Great means completely awesome to buried with as slower tuning sounds seems to be better left as encouraging mass in being total different as these un-thinkers Pop-Noise group members slightly covers the atmosphere of reference towards your favorable gifts inside the goodie bag as written here comes the glittery happiness and joy of honest portions slice and packed right to lifting your downer days by sending messages for Cavity Slider, Sink Or Sink, Answers, Bitter and Twisted, Stuck and Staying In Again have given two thumbs up for the down-under local tuning multi-players as one might thought this group isn’t Aussie but US home-made urban products et cetera. 

If you liking them try to have the album too for collections. Cheerio ! 

When We Were Great: