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Thorofare Hike (Campo Santo 2016)

   Wilderness is the final option for you to walk more over the job-adventure and desolation can be a bitch but wasn't a bad choice here but patience as the Shoshone National Forest story about Henry at his first strange day-work and the relationship to his supervisor Delilah such connecting the good beginning opens your imagination and small talks to long conversations over the radio turns out a conspired mystery happens before and now as the development aspects choose directly interacts as you play via walkie-talkie by Olly Moss and Sean Vanaman job on producing Firewatch (the game). The assignment first-person Henry goes for adventure gaming looking out the surroundings from top of his tower and daily surveillance plan suggested from the maps and routine patrol while shadow figure watched his movements from far onto vicinity dialog options or refrain of uncover clues to the ransacking inside his office through the wildering environments and listed of inventories and illegal fireworks created by drunken teenage girls are among those interesting facts found by our man. Escaping cave, walkman taped, key and backpack onto gate locked and ned’s son Brian whose a fantasy/game-role player decomposed body into traumatic falsifies reports abrupt Henry’s past of Wyoming, demented wife and assailant attacks and accidents coloring the tales here. 

Instrumental songs of Ambient-Electro Pop original score composes brilliantly of Chris Remo created contents gave us the sophomore mixed with eerie feelings to thrilled and terrorizing moments while listening as Beartooth Point, North Backcountry, Canyon Sunset, New Equipment or Infiltration and An Unfortunate Discovery glooming shy through the entire stereo sounding of convicted to solutions until the facts became clear and the evacuation of helicopter ensures the confirmations.