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This Is My Bike (Madison Gate 2013)

   Nonlinear narratives within the containment of flash-forward or flashback cuts as overlaid for rapid advancing for Wilee whom graduated from the law school but stop himself from taking steps further from entering the humdrum legal professional life with  purposes  becoming the thrill-seeker meaningful to him via NYC bicycle messenger always having fun times to the harsh arguments with fellow mate and girlfriend Vanessa as her room-mate Nima asked her for non-disclosed personal reasons recently but needing help from WIlee to delivers a mysterious envelopes to the gang smuggled Sister Chen for paying nima’s son back in china after the big payment from her savings to Mr. Leung the Chinese hawaladar for an exchange ticket to US but on the same time an addictive of local gambling NYPD detective Bobby Monday being approached by his loan shark to collecting Nima’s money by grabbing the ticket owes too much but as he desired to have more money to play as well he make troubles by killing one of the restaurant guard because the time is ticking and the envelope must be sending to Sister Chen by 7 pm as Bobby roughly pay visits on Nima and threatening her badly but misses Wilee as the messenger tricks him and runaway for good.
   This action biking movie entitled Premium Rush totally, solid to watch by everyone because not because it shows most advance alternate routes for you to do the safety ride while on the streets but as in a hurry sometimes people also turning reckless and going blind because that’s why as the unfair competitions between Wilee versus Manny going speed up the entire avenues and streets upon New York taking risks and giving risks more to others for the envelope inside the bag; the campus run-around catches, biking battle against the patrols to enforcers office sneaking in gave some their results of a guilt-ridden like Vanessa being thrown away after hitting the trash can for broken breaks or the young patrol officer trying to catch Wilee but ended up hits the taxi door and such recorded here for the portraying towards the busiest city roads on the planet starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Chung. Soundtrack mixtures scoring develops by the composer Dave Sardy on this Original Motion Picture Soundtrack stage/screen/scores of intensive Hard-Rock, Power Metal fusions, Alternative Pop-Rock onto neutral intense musical that giving lives to the spiritual and objectives plot of the story goes farther and faster to the near limits as The Run Begins, Chinatown Auto Destruct Pt. 3, Following Nima, Chasing Manny, Exit The Park onto The Whole City Hates You and Impound Creeping as the late Rally The Troops showing that even the bikers got cornered, captured, blackmailed or even threatened – Wilee and friends will never surrender to backing up their good friends against the corrupted cop figure after numerous times failure and tricky moves from Nima phoning Mr. Leung for help has sent Sudoku man confronted Bobby Monday whom being surrounded by many bike messengers of NYC before executed by the small shot on the back of his head by the triad as silenced turns to tears of joy as Nima knowing that her son already goes to ship sailing to her very soon and Wilee and Vanessa reunites again.