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The Wild Evensong (Digitalis Recordings 2005)

   Letting himself doing the path project as the sophomore figure rest like the awakening of the green man male force from the natural desire and Folk experimenting onto Electronic as symbolized by far solid as a troubadour guy wandering his ways straight to the blessed town of farming village for seeking friends, foe and revenge as you might pleased to think. Xenis Emputae Travelling Band here releasing the compilation where the gratification of terror soften ambience crawls out the stereo system like poisoning arts of magic darker and powerful to hypnotizing those whom stop celebrating the beginning of spring rites and once drove the beggar old and the hermit out of the town’s border but sins never left forgotten as experimental Folkworld musical comes backvia Toadsman’s Bell ringing death and despair for those whom deserved it.
   Five elemental written Drone Ambient sounds of arrangements goes pop like a rips of bolsters as Great is The Gorse to the clearance of fate in Dai Amaeth to Fire Rite For The Landless Lord intensively – dimensional optioned melts the barriers as your family safety is the most sacred should be protected by the pagan charms before the countdown strikes of silent attacks arrive; ten minutes and thirty seconds or six minutes more or even below five and lesser as the magical flute plays and the performance off Phil Legard leads to someone’s regret and unapologetic gifts praising the payback in a most sweetest ways and once again paganism found its cornerstone through musical parts. Blessed Be naturalist preservers and The Children of the warming earth cheers for blossoming season.

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Toadsman's Bell: