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The Way Path Was (Sony Computer Entertainment 2013)

    Improved tales on The Last Of Us (game) that started a September mutation where human being transformed into aggressive creatures – the infected as a results ravages fungus cordyceps outbreak bring a quiet peaceful night of Austin, Texas into chaos for Joel, his little daughter Sarah with the alert rings from the brother Tommy as the first time survival horror adventure wouldn’t be easy as Sarah died by gun-shot while trying to cross the safe quarantine entrance putting depression for her father over twenty years later. Independent settlement, guarded zone, nomadic groups of survivors and smuggling equipments to supplies carrier or exploring the open dangerous wider of collapsing civilization – devastated by the infections partnering Joel with Tess at north of Boston. Hunting down a black market dealer Robert facing them a dangerous relation to the band of rebel militia whose opposing new government of quarantine area led by Marlene in exchange wanted for the weapon cache supply wants Joel and Tess smuggling Ellie the teenage girl whose hiding inside Boston and discovering that she’s infected but after two days and three-weeks claimed from her – her conditions might be a miraculous immunity cause that leads to curing the entire disease. 
Fighting the thrilling damned parts of surviving plan: driving or footing, destination against the horde of deranged infected as beliefs of importance even as Tess got bitten and sacrifice herself fighting the pursuing soldiers; brought Joel for being helped by a smuggler Bill and ally brothers Henry and Sam escaping city – being infected, killed by his own brother after attacking Ellie and suicide on grief happens left Joel behind. By the fall, Joel and Ellie finally finding Tommy again in Wyoming assembling settlement with hydroelectric with wife Maria. Bandits attack, severe wounded, sheltered in the mountain and Joel recoveries must facing Ellie disappearance being kidnap by David and his band of cannibalistic of eastern Colorado university. 
The Salt Lake City on Spring open another story while Ellie unconscious after drowning as captured by fireflies patrols brought onto the hospital where Marlene preparing her for surgery in order to producing cure vaccine as Ellie will die caused of the removal of portion of her brain and Joel battles the operating room and kill Marlene to found out that firelies failure to creating the cure from many other immune people. 
Going to Tommy’s settlement outskirt shows Ellie regrets expression and swearing fireflies story of Joel insistence facing the facts. 
   As the game goes for your adventure follows – the soundtrack for The Last Of Us composed by Gustavo Santaolalla brilliantly suspense, heart-moving, questioning your insanity and scary as they gets instrumentally, gorgeous as mysterious in Ambience sounds territory to Dark soft Electro interfering within The Hour, Vanishing Grace, The Hunters, By Any Means, The Choice, I Know What You Are, All Gone (No Escape) or through the thirty-one tracks over Breathless to Returning; meant related to relationships and surviving actions either you shooting your guns or breaking your own fear facing the truth – the horde wasn’t the only thing you must dealing with day by day.