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The Farthest Reaches (Materia Collective 2018)

   It’s like one of those discovery channel series made onto a terrific new human civilization by continuity on an alien light-years away planet discovers by us to creates many buildings on the game named Aven Colony that must be started from scratch to many over-timing additional colonists purposes in different uses, complexity and food cultivation against the harsh conditions of the surface on cope as well environmental into day and night cycle within living quarters, resource mining, protection of the safety and advancing tent like to skyscrapers and space elevator added with hover cars and flying drones but always be very careful over the other alien threats, stormy weather, dust devils and toxic gas onto the creep-aliens covering buildings with tentacles and plague spores and destroying crops. 
   One needs to control everything in demands and extension whether your complex expands or built over four types of sub-colony completed within morale system, living conditions, employment to commute happiness and supplies or resources structures. Adjusting speed for creations also meet a campaign mode for mission objectives or normal times and paused by twelve different menus giving player information about the Aven Colony and ancient arte-facts to surveillance camera and satellite overworld maps as well cool music upon Electronic video games by Alexander Brandon through twenty one tracks written and composed such as Sunrise On Vanaar, Vanaari Triumph, Sandy Gulch Danger, Dawn at Azara Falls, Midday on Hyla’s Crescent and Caution At Hyla’s Cresecent exists as approval given within this strategic and city build-up game – actions and explorations in building.