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Tekufah Kedem (Tzadik 2005)

   Big band members and crazy rocking experimental attitudes team-up restrained not only for songs but as well the high techniques on listening time to Electric Masada crew consisting of Cyro Baptista, ikue Mori, Jamie Saft, Joey Baron, John Zorn onto Kenny Wollesen, Marc Ribot and Trevor Dunn freaking in or out by using pedals to make distorting sounds and horrible brass section mixture sounds as the irresistible and annoying music blasts up the stereo system with total rhythmic and collaboration via plenty Noise/Contemporary Jazz/Avantgrade fusion through Post-Bop or Heavy Metal cooler than your previous Alternative Rock collections for an album released by them entitled At The Mountain of Madness unleashed the ancient force of power displays for long jams, eccentric tunes within variant of tempos commencing high focus for enjoyment off the listeners hearing senses and the angry trance of eastern gods rocks your reality and brought non-limitations for imagining things that can happens next. 
   Hear the louder fractions of celestial and elemental collision via Karaim, Metal Tov, Hath-Arob, Idalah-Abal and Yatzar – which sounded so estranged and unknown to your dilemma language barrier but without vocals added this means that the group finally, reaching their higher levels on making impossible come true just like the ability of smaller god-like humans presenting deranged jazzy effects to blasts your head off this world by the multi-instrumental screams or percussive project gone right – started by the opening song – Lilin bursts for over sixteen minutes and counting. 

At The Mountain Of Madness: