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Take Reality To It (Astralwerk/EMI 2015)

   More beats onto lesser croquet as your popular Electronic-Dance and Rn’B phase between the blending of new millennium and odd taste of the turntables armed girl within her conjoint killer vibes as well open minded brought countless dance-floors tunes created across Australia continent might becoming one of your favorite abroad too as this type of musical project led by one figure born as Alexandra Sholler but gaining recognition not repetition via incoming fame as Alison Wonderland onto the releasing off her brand debut recording entitled – Run; putting more tons of Hip-Hop Electro-Pop and Synth-Pop copulating over Trap beats and Rap poppy with the help of Slumberjack on the track Naked and preference for those whom didn’t recognize clubbing hours and drinking pleasure might not enjoying this album entirely but generation Pop tuning and media liking kinds of stuff imploding through sensation minimize but gains of external and internal newsflash charting quick and hard body moving attitudes non-complains are cognitive surfacing right there to be listened such for U Don’t Know, Games, Carry On, Back It Up with featured Awe; I Want U as ill-sickness fun and partying for granted responsible over your freedom lives against the Cold and bad memories Already Gone as the girl standing in an empty circuit arena by nighttime should not be Ignore by the local media and the worldwide spectacles who loved Pop Music.