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Synesthesia (Mau5trap Recordings 2017)

   Away from looking delicious complexity like the rotted sharing images being sell-out through the live-show checks of the celebrity families or personal didn’t fits to meet how you would seeing Isabelle Rezazadeh leaned on from nobody to becoming  one of the most underground but fully promising producer and DJ of the Canadian’s Niagara Falls, Ontario area figure with her too skinny looks but nothing confirmed as anorexia yet and Arabic descent filling her idealistic thoughts up and breaks into total programming sound-management creating system via the loves for Electronic and experimental Techno as well as her changing identity faults as simple Rezz persona.

   Might causing more questioning and scary feelings of being left behind towards any circumstance on eerie situation countered deeply on her works recording album named Mass Manipulation as Electro-Dubstep and informal craze grooves goes like injecting addiction following the display of mid-tempo creepy beats or known playa poisoning desire featuring some names of friends like Knodis blasting the encoding erupted track – Premonition or 13 helping her out exposing Diluted Brains, Relax, Drugs! And Green Gusher tells the audience that girls nowadays spreading hidden agenda for hypnotizing men’s world and trying to make it – their own ! 

Mass Manipulation: