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Sukeban Monya (Intelligent Sound 2017)

   Keith Rich offers his results of what happenings in course of life as leaving jobs, decision to make for over twelve months; choose to be different a little bit by focusing on traveling or making music means as a tourist on maps, this guy transforming the ideas on being creative for pulling many influences off Techno, UK genres of House and Dubstep meets his own world of cinematic and enveloping minutes inside these bubbly energetic and dance-floor headphones realm kinds of music as MemCave’s dice rolling diaries tale occasion would endures, risen or keep as reminder for the audience about Keith Rich experiences on expression performing within Electronic Bass-Ambient hailed from his positions – somewhere in Kansas City, Missouri and share How Beautiful To Be recording which spawns art-deco basic cover artworks meeting those tracks of instrumentals carrying beats – soft and relaxing to heal feelings up via Fantasy Peel, Glass Belgium, Glaring, Above Water to School Gloss or Pink Sky featuring White Flashes pushes techniques by moods exploration as textures and sounds attached in style for each situated conditions and environment to blends in.

How Beautiful To Be: