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Sue Exit Roses (Keeled Scales 2018)

   About to runs away; the red fox still looking interesting scared to the lens as Buck Meek trying to take a picture shot on it but the musician gets his residing of New York place a good spot showing the final snap as Buck Meek out the fox on the front cover accompanied with rainbow magic on the back feels comfortable to ease the pain while listening onto this Folk-Pop and Alternative Indie sounds made by the born Texas guy in his tremor-guitar plays on soft distorts as the self-titled makes contributions for your relates themed pulverizing within thus recording slower tuning tracks like Flight 9525, Ruby, Cannonball!, Joe By The Book or even Swan Dive and Fool Me kinds of reminding the ecosystem around the big apple’s central park seeing as far as the higher apartments telescope watching many faces and activities of natural meets the modern life for Country/Folk Pop music not too cheap but inexpensive expanding feelings of the song-writer/singer to blend your feelings for the repeating questions about Maybe ? 

Buck Meek: