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Steve Rhino (Minotauro 2014)

   Led by the mighty powerful figure in front as Zero Down – the Seattle’s solid NWOBHM crew gets their finest fisted Heavy Metal performing the recording and visual effects of worst purgatory on earth hellish plate within thus Fred Speakman and Tyler Lindsey’s drilling thrashy old classic good for head-banger and shout out altogether in group as No Limit To The Devil filling your fucking imagination about false prophet with poisonous snakes and thundering sky and the burning of holy places with dry crops failure and the sign of the anti-christ cross awaits to come down shortly. 

   Broadcasting riffs and maniacal show-off on soloist act to slicing melodies may causing intentions to do bad bad things while listening to Zero Down. Ten tracks more mayhem themes and there’s no such things as religious beliefs put here as an emblem anymore but Heavy Metal speeding reigns supreme via Leche De Tigre, Return of The Godz, Devils Thorn, Phantom Host or 2 Tonne Hammer – really judas Priest’s stylish on beast-ing the explosive mid-standard slams onto your tiny freaking brain in limited time. 

Whoa ! 

No Limit To The Devil: