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SPP The Resist (Creepcore Records 2009)

   Fixating their originalities on grinder the extreme sounds expressions as the Black Metal/Crust/Grindcore/Ska crew hailing from Victoria, British Columbia parts of Canada and Leper (band) written lyrics and themes of songs contains misanthropy and anarchy dilates for the duet collective metallic partners; Scurra on bass guitar and vocals onto Grimey (bass, guitars, vocals) had releasing this number two came up full studio recording describing the mossy lands as far as you can see there covering the ruins of castles and trees with the subjective signs of cultism pagan arts proudly stays to surviving as the remains of the old world against the modern corrupted one and for that End Progress must be an essential record relates to tell the sicker jokes among chosen few tracks of Extreme Hardcore/Metal and Thrash-Core screamo activities performing by Leper duo.

   All is not damn well to predicted and think about as The War of 2010, Sedition Not Sedation, Destroy What Destroys You, Decivilize, Face Yourself and We Already Live In Ruins reflects the incoming news and prophecy that will be devastating your parts of the world and infecting along the borders and edgy tips of your highlands to the valley – as nobody left to speak but the wind tales freeing seeds of the evolve life forms of plants and greenish crawlers to the planet; reborn in silent.

End Progress: