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Slave Grave Reflex (Ipecac Recordings 2017)

   No need to saying too much by the facts that recruits Mike Patton of Faith No More replacing Gabe Serbian makes the correlation on vocals department sounding artistically artificial but fixed within how the super group demands to continue as Hardcore band formed by Slayer’s ex-drummer Dave Lombardo with Justin Pearson on bass guitar and Michael Crain on the shedder sections leads to animosity  taste of chaotic fast and yes, Dead Cross seems to be longing for acted handy for any visitors from and out of hell to liking the way this quartet shows some fast-breaking parts off Slayer catalogs as Avant-Garde, experimental into Math Rock or Thrash-noises addition without hearing the intentional growls of Tom Araya but instead of it; we got the metallic arts confusion strange lead singer on Mr. Patton and the external blasting beats like everything this self-titled album has to offer to the audience. 

   Seizure and Desist, Obedience School, Bela Lugosi’s Dead onto Divine Filth, The Future Has been Cancelled, Church of The Motherfuckers and Idiopathic gave you most of the fucking crushing attempts and riffs via the variant of tempos to lead solos like the way you wanted for having soundtrack for ultimate killing the slaughtered of the most hateful vengeance one is here complete ! 

Dead Cross: