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Sinewave (Smash Records 2015)

   Not raw but melodious harmonic tempered stands on their balance grooves and total clashing guitar-riffs sounds presented there by the Lamia, Greece’s trio of Stoner Rock and Hard Rock team divided by the power force within Thanos (vocals, guitar), Stelios (bass) and Kostas (drums) is damn connected to their roots for rocking the listeners out aloud drinking beers and riding free through the wilderness like the high mount portrait there stumble in front cover. 

Chris Cornell vocals-like off Out Of The Earth’s self-titled will streams by soloist melodic and less-known but ever being here with greatness of their overcome tools in the making system to head-banger the beast inside you over the best early written All Mine, Last Day, Crave, Mother Nature or My Way as well as Need. Stay true and stay tuned for more rocks from Out Of The Earth as you witnessing them down here for the rest of the album recording tunes !

Out Of The Earth: