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Shooting Star (Milan Records 2017)

   Being under the pressures of her abusive mother – LaVona Golden; the biographical story begins for our four-years old Tonya Harding only focused to her talents and ability of courage onto the almost excellent ice skating figure of early age as her mom told many local people and coaches that one day her daughter will be the queen of US ice skating but with their background of “white-trash” culture and heritage onto reputations build up by her mother’s rude behavior for kicking her off the chair, slapping head or even throwing knife at her gains Tonya notorious liking of Rock tunes and blistering brawls of trash-talking to ignorance in making herself proud and braver to do something dangerous on the ice field that nobody’s dare to do at that time. Home-made glitter costumes or annoying make-ups, Diane Rowlinson coaching, unconventional choices and scorns mother on her completed the rebellious acts inside as Tonya then meet Jeff Gillooly and soon later get married only to found out how abusive Jeff really are while she blames her mom’s abusive raising life on her creates this kinds of story. 
As Tonya preparing for the next winter Olympics of 92 and changed Dody Teachman as her new coach with a comprehensive one and only female ice figure skater whose completing two triple axel jumps in the competitions but she never succeeded to win the first price because the national association is looking for different public figure for a winner and it’s not going to be a caravan trash girl like Ms. Harding leads onto the extended conditions over her personal lives; moving with Jeff away from mother, fell failure defeated landings as well the anger of the training plan for the next winter Olympics and northwest pacific region championships where Tonya gets a death threat which later realizing as the tricky moves from her husband Jeff and retarded friend Shawn Eckardt not just goes further worse by sending message not just a death threat to Tonya’s team-mate and rival Nancy Kerrigan but Jeff also instructed his thug-pals to following Nancy’s training arena and strikes the poor girl’s knee with metal stick as then, the nation stunned with FBI rolling in for the investigation and finding suspects upon this. 
   Black comedies meets serious lively, real story taken from I, Tonya refusing that she’s never did anything like that and the court never believed her but ban her forever from ice figure skating competitions as the charged and hearings and the confessions to her mother’s pretending acts for selling news by hidden recording truly hurts her feelings deep. Found guilty even when she’s not doing anything as proven to the crime on Kerrigan and the entire America and outside world follows the intact related story strated from the bashed knee to mocking stand-up comedies, jail time begging rather than being ban and the henchmen charged or the spoken initiative with Jeff behind the locked door before she jumps out the window and offers kinds of words as Margot Robbie did an excellent parts portraying herself as looney talented Tonya Harding as well as the route of olden days situations that you must face at the period and thus incredible soundtrack over Classic Rock, Pop, Rn’B onto scoring goods and slower tunes by variety as various artist such as Bad Company, Cliff Richard, mark Batson to Peter Nashel as well more songs of your parents favorite tracks while speeding up of making love within Romeo and Juliet, Devil Woman, Goodbye Stranger from Supertramp; Fleetwood Mac via The Chain, Laura Branigan or Violent Femmes as well as Doris Day's Dream a Little Dream of Me or the anthemic Sleeping Bag rocking off ZZ Top catalog did a craziest moment for portraying this woman as one of the memorable shocking person from the mid nineties era.