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Ruin Myself (Not On Label 2012)

   Strange current comes within the blasting riffs and distortions for one of the few great new bands out of Kidderminster, UK rinse your risky differences as the Midlands comprised group melting their Psychedelic experimental and Doomy Rock featured background is Mari Handle (vocals, guitars), Hetty Randle (bass, vocals) and Scott Ewins (drums) performing Plastic Culture Human Vulture as their inspiring over dark Sabbath and ritualistic on paganism goes pops here with the displaying on the EP filled within colorful thunder-like figures, artificial baby and melting ice greenish creature surviving for the extinction of kissing dead mankind into the written of five tracks by Vault Of Eagles trio. 

   Arranging release in a mayhem tempos of midst misty and magic lures may creating a demonic cultist listener and audience far more worshiping them doing those five minutes opener head-bangs via In Sanity, the melancholic creepy blues-tinged and classical for Chains towards five minutes and thirty-nine seconds or Breathe For Free as the bass-line, the grids of drumming percussion or thus harmonic female voices and mixed songs overture shall poisoning your ears for deeper mystery tales mastered onto Alternative Rock fusion off Tool meets Heavy Rock Classics brought there by the group. 

Plastic Culture Human Vulture EP: