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Riveted (Barbershop Records 2018)

   Yet everything meets the serious problems as urban and suburban kids everywhere now adopted the days of rising Future beats on Hip-Hop and Rap music mixtures with something non-general but suddenly, gets hyped like newer Boom Bap Rap, Nu Disco instrumental to Soulful House and seminal underground mixes for groovy release number four on Tomorrow Breakfast sent by Snips garnering the production as equal supported from both sides of the pond off Benji B, DJ Spinna, J Rocc, Eli Escobar and Henry Wu or Shy One few the self-inflicted names involving as offers already casts and traditionalist sampling beat of heavy flavored unleashed towards your partying private on one of your power-housing wealth kid friends opportunity shared the invitations for every girls in town especially, those booty best and sexual hot ones pleasure to come and get cum by any kinds of favorite boys around in a positive relationship ways not brute disrespected both equally loving to know each other while the slow tuned hush and breaker beats altogether one against one doing the stuff for business onto Mis-Hill, haze Made It, Direct Sounds, Dirty Shirley, The Real World, Love Dimension, Sing 4 New York and Rogers Price to the measuring West Exodus and Owe Me Nothing crafting the traditional/modern complexity of the generation not living by prejudice but making Tomorrow’s Breakfast – a monumental non-artificial artistic point of your life where hot coffee, slice of cold pizza and Living Proof founder box with rhyming lyrics of Rap/Hip-Hop shall ultimately unveils who you really are not hiding it behind fake-ness.

Tomorrow's Breakfast: