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Return Django Own (Fox Music/London Records 2000)

   Khao San Road hotel for travelers led the American young tourist seeking Bangkok's adventure named Richard meet the French couple Francoise and Etienne also meeting with the nearly insane or eccentric Daffy whom told Richard about the hidden inhabitant island of restricted somewhere around the gulf of Thailand as the expressions and bold tales from Duffy encourage the explanations for why Richard believes that all is true and softly forcing the French couple to come with him for the quest as attraction lies towards Francoise the cute girl but difficulties arose and doubt erupts for hidden lagoons and white sandy place after Daffy commits suicide but leaving Richard a map convincing his new friends to accompanying him as three travels to Ko Samui under the thunderstorm and a cannabis rescuer surfers with large amount of weeds and Richard thanking copy of the map. 
Infatuated to the French girl, Richard brace himself to swim first crossing the small channel and another one form smaller island to another one as one needs to see how the paradise views upon the brighter light blue greenish water and whiter sands and clear environments to the misty clouds above recalls us that it’s existed as the three brave travelers arrived to the pointy hidden place and finding crystal clear waterfall, forest borders and even large cannabis plantation being guard by armed local farmers as welcomed by the multi-functioned as surprises community of living travelers gathering on the other-side of the island paradise as avoiding detection led by English woman Sal told the newcomers there’s rules among themselves and the connection for the farmers allow them to stay by kept no more travelers added and coming to the place as settlement being built and Richard lies to them that the secret is save. Romance and total outdoors adventures crossing yours and other spectator’s parallel universe as we all watching this exhibit of world wonders for global news as The Beach and Leonardo DiCaprio means nature’s may forbid us from destroying beauty but beauty sometimes drown danger to get closed by and the truth reveals as tension rises with Richard finally, caught Francoise feelings and invited to have sex on the shore while Etienne pissed as well as the confrontation to Sal’s boyfriend Bugs after Richard popularity rose while killing a baby shark makes mocking small size and jealousy for them both in tempered but while going away to buy supplies to Ko Pha Ngan with Sal; Richard lies again about no copy of the secret map as they’re encountered the US surfers recognizing him but Sal forcing him to having sex and she will not telling the truth to others as exchanged. 
   By the works of legendary composer and scoring musician Angelo Badalamenti gave the audience a typical favorites of various artists recording original motion picture soundtrack beside the score sounds into these amazing collection of great songs; night life expands and more reprising the entire beauty on the film and scenery and traditional heritage and habitat shown to ears via Trance/Breakbeat and House/Rn’B sessions for Underworld’s 8 Ball, Faithless for Woozy, Mory Kante performing Yeke Yeke (Hard Floor Mix), Sugar Ray onto Moby onto Leftfield for Porcelain or Snakeblood and UNKLE or Orbital as well as New Order and Barry Adamson but the most interesting and catchy parts off this album would be the hit single and chart-topping Pure Shores presented by the sensual sensational foursome girls of All Saints. 
Leading the story up close and holder into many confrontations because more surfers showing up and the community forcing Richard to kill them or drove them out but no thanks to the reckless moves the tourist being killed by the armed farmers also forcing the community out for good affecting the group morale as trauma to traveling to the main island or personal secrets kept there ruining because of lousy Richard faults and the killer shark attacks worsen the life there instantly. Gangrenous legs and the expels of Richard wondering himself inside the thick jungle and dreaming about him sneaking to steal guns from the farmers looks intense while the choice of killing Richard or leave separately ways taken by Sal within an empty gun gave by farmers erupts distrust among the community and soon leaving the island for good. 
   The story ends with Richard receiving an email from Francoise’s internet cafĂ© with the best altogether first picture of them all on The Beach within happier time and no prejudice …