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Ready To Launch (Bandcamp 2015)

   Electronic/Soulful Future Bass and Classical cinematic booked in for the way one should enjoying the presence on vast array realms of style of a visual story sounds that has been created by The Galactic Effect within thus thinking music, puschingacross reachable constant barrier movement and analog fusion to elegance of darkness shy away under orchestral strings arrangements or all over the world’s musical instruments play as this Miami born (of Cuban decent) had been producing different parts and turning the local Electronic music scene as billed for festivals and venues. 

   Wide ranging soundscapes further designated and possibly plucked out spectrum within this journey through space and intergalactic waves emotion themes written for the past, presents and the future ventures for Saga (album) to Experimental Hip-Hop and Electronic as well Classical controlled by synthesizers and samples display besides the long wavy blonde hair guy with his keyboards and the alien being as well as female sexy vocals that rocks in Chainbreaker, Interstellar, Dream Up, Lazer Sex (Static Charge), Valley Possession or Tell The World and Sungazing echoing in grooves among the stars.