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Poposta Coracao (Warner Music Brazil 2013)

   Successful and sexy hot singer, song-writer, actress and record producer to dancer is this Brazilian and ex-church vocalist Larissa de Mecado Machado independently jumps herself into national Pop-Electro Dance tunes superstar best from her country so far as contract within a big record label spawning already three hottie catalogs and many danceable singles for the radio or television selling. Being called Anitta to the helping hand of Batutinha DJ aka Renato Azevedo delivers the hot girl’s first debut on self-titled recording as Anitta make blending onto Rn’B, Funk, Latin-Pop and Reggae smart delivering within her awesome looks of erotic meets exotic and musical songs written fits on her presence that no boys can surely avoid to ignores is there via Meiga e Abusada, Menina Ma, Principe de Vento, Nao Para, Fica So Olhando onto Cachorro Eu Tenho Em Casa or Show Das Poderosas correctly, meaning a lot to shaking your feelings on to come down and taste the dance floor or for the backyard zumba dancing community and as well many studios would endorsing to have her album as choice that spreading great exclusive interests to shaping your body and teasing another partners even strangers on the club and cafĂ© because this is still a free world and Pop music has no visible borders to love.