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Polythene Plant At (Not On Label 2018)

   Producing by those combinations among organ/synths and vocals of Llinos Griffiths, guitarist/bassist Ben Trow on vocals and drumming/voice of Steffan Owens within all the written songs and huge thanks mastered/mixed by Mike Collins or John Windfield as friends and family wrote own on the band’s appreciation section as January releasing for a Pavement-like Teddy-Core and Pop Rock alternatively, sounding catchy and dripping through lots of mid-tempo wall of soft distortions which collectively, forming the record amusement off Trunks by Seazoo. 

   Smiling of many red lips and great teeth displays goes further in the fortunate reasonable and selling partitions made over Hello Stranger, Dig, Shoreline and Cyril or Roy’s World letting the horizon worldwide knowing them a the Welsh wizards of Pop-sounds, living not as heroes but musician – alive, breathing and having feelings too and can get sad every time you might not noticed but keep on recording thus smiles for you – so you will never forget how the band used to accompanying your silent night with nobody but their music the whole last year’s evening weekend.