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Overwintering Children (We Live Amongst The Ruins 2014)

   Tiny sounds of the humming alarm-like opening this work of art in musical presentation from Fraser Alexander McGowan as the Scottish artist and musician and song-writer had yet another releases in his third consecutive catalogs disguising as Caught In The Wake Forever over thus Ambient/acoustic blends of Electronic spiritual chase bygone to the fading or the misty beginning towards My Family Goes On Without Me looks really gloomy, darkened to black and grey painted just like the essential song-tracks reveals inside it. 

   Feels that hibernating season is entirety continued as recording balance onto Ambient instrumentals to cohesive Slow-Core sad themes adorn to beloved but the project also providing soft deep breath taking male vocals of the man himself talking to the emptiness and solitude facing in his ways within issues and accessible transition of acceptance being written and recorded by Fraser McGowan following the stories above Gentle Dawn, Riverside House onto I Will Always Let You Down, Within Seconds You Were Gone or With The Permission of The Oil Burners and even Up There in The Briggs remains a multi-instrumentalist tales covered mysteries to learn. 

My Family Goes On Without Me: