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Outworld Marketplace (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 2015)

   The attacks of earthrealm by Shinnok and his demons dealt with the resurrection of the revenants Quan Chi’s control as in the older times where Shao Kahn invading the place but being fought back by the leading role figures like Johnny Cage to Kenshi and Sonya Blade open the portals to invited Jinsei Chamber head of Sky Temple’s Raiden. As Shinnok defeated by the superhuman powers of Johnny and friends; Quan Chi escapes by manipulations as the restoring of Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Jax into human forms processing but while Johnny years later married Sonya having daughter Cassie – the Shirai Ryu Clan mentoring kenshi’s son while the others returning as masters and good profiles. 
When one jumps into the Mortal Combat X fighting game as the variety attacks of special moves and trademark gruesome finishing death results haunts the banning countries over the series here as techniques of energy meters; interact to the environment or variations of more hideous killing of your opponents divided onto three sections and players run performing dash-back or combo breaker or even summons the hell minions to stop teleportation as features and portraying a very bloody gory situation too horrific to be seen. Splattered head, half-mutilated bodies, intestine pulls-out onto gearing opens explosive acts by brutality consumed the superb winning flesh-hunger feelings attract by the opponent fatalities stages and finishing selections. 
   Music composition by Dan Forden and Tilman Sillescu for over two hours and nineteen minutes to twenty seconds background this series sequel for global supremacy battle as the instrumental Electro-Rock fusion Among Friends, Jinsei Chamber, Civil War, Destroyed City, LinKei Temple, Renewed Acquaintance onto Sins of The Father, Krossroads as well as Refugee Camp and Emperor’s Kourtyard sending most of the dueling be seen towards the external dimension or galaxies nearby as your choice of picking figure will either goes out as the survivor or a dead figure on the realms where only the strong, the smarter and the wicked shall prevails ...

As Liu Kang and Kitana assuming their leadership over Netherrealm; Raiden within the amulet turns corrupted again warns everyone of certain death as threatening and departs for the final warning as the battle continues.