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Osaka Family Altar (Tecmo 2003)

   Also known in form of another title of Project Zero II but internationally, as Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly for protagonist player controlled characters Mio Amakura and her sister Mayu on exploring ghost town and uncover the secrets or defeating enemies attack such as restless spirits by picture taking device known as camera obscura. Examine items or search for clues area entering the viewfinder mode and scary situations over pictures of the grotesque to camera film or lens type as visible may enhancements somewhere inside the empty mysterious village. 

Advance further to face hostile or non-hostile ghosts giving hints and narrative progress for occult-based of Japanese horror consumable as health restoration collective maintained within the fighting not damages dealt of snapping shots affected and filament lights pushing them back but always caring for Mio’s health meter for if it too much it’s game over as it can be saved with red lanterns location throughout the eerie place. 

   A great Horror presence of survival by the composing soundtrack scoring and various effects led by Ayako Toyoda’s Electronic Ambient darken fusion via Sunken Fireplace, Dirt Railway, Back Room, Spirit Guide onto Festival and other scarier tracks spreading fear to your backbone – Men In The Dark, Broken Neck Woman, Kureha Shrine Path and Men in The Dark or Woman in Box gives the audience a glimmer crazy imaginations along the gameplay motions.