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Orgo Pudville (Big Cat 1990)

   Had many aliases to listed there for your information about either Bubba Kowalski or Clint Ruin is the same person in the flesh or Karl Satan and The Transvestites From Hell really didn’t exists means traditionally – tells you the miracles objective as masked shamans and tribal territory insane cannibals dancing acts like maniac devastating the rest of their jungle to offers the gods of war helping them preserving the land wider open this debut release album entitled Quilombo as the bringer of curses crept and thrilling talks sounds a binds through experimental, Ambient and Industrial cohesive that aiming by the rest of battling drumming and trumpets of fierce firing squad backing up the entire defense force led coalitions of Steroid Maximus project purchasing the highly contagious but scientifically experts tested tracks on misery index lists carry on upon the madness on horror and terror tales of the past and the future for the presents day generations. Fighteous, The Heidnik Manoeuvre as well as Big Hedda Meets Little Napoleon or Phantom Miscarriage gives us the admiration and inspirations to be quietly, frank and honest not too in loving with too much humans anymore. 

Bloodbath or voodoo magic are the same solution for maintaining power to conquer like basic humanity needs since.