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Number Of Disks (Amiga 1996)


   If you not supporting this deranged fully violent, gory and free killings quicker for actions than this different obscene scenery won’t fit to your imagination setting on the a 2D shooter heaven adventure of a cult classics but humorous and sarcastic.

Possible gloomy partying clubbers and strip-teasers or the frustrated passer-by slaughtering by semi-automatic weapon unaware for immediate danger caused from the thought of “eliminate of as many people you dislike” in search for none other than super-human formed ugly turning killer counts and frustrated Michael above his instinct on taking controls into numerous experimenting the used of various weaponry and plots attractive for anti-authority acts ventures of extreme free-self and mature blood-spilling contents as black comedy elimination begins to play here on Damage: Sadistic Butchering of Humanity game roams the PC and making puked sicker bigots covering their faces in humiliation. 

   Progress of independent access publishing may meet censorship immediately by the city council as in general as Hardcore and Thrash Metal cross-over music blaring hard to deafening the ears by the artists developments: Jyrki Sinivaara (coder), graphician Olli-Pertti Kojo and musician – Jani Finer interacting their works onto Pys-Gore package over this progressive Beat-‘Em Up punishment and crimes. 

PS. No relationship requires – only arcade vengeance !