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No Saviour With (Atticus.Black Music 2010)

   Adding their amount of piles onto depressing hates, misery to anger in bundles before multiplying them over more misanthropic souls whose endeavor to creates the social declines hopeless aims as surrounding us within unreasonable demands to advance by sacrificing others must be fine to them whom wealthy enough to tell any kinds of bullshit on the television saying everything’s will be alright as for these five piece dreadful lost fallen world metal-heads from Plymouth, Devon (UK) bringing the self-inflicted writing songs of Hardcore-Doom and Crust-Metal protests into a mayhem presence like this thing suits more applause from the floor where the lights staging gets brighter as your spot there in the darkness really vanished such as well the global conditions where money speaks and bullshit builds but whether it's for the greater good - it's always sacrificing the poor further more than leaving a good causes for them by the invisible helping hands of the secret society as the band - Brotherhood Of The Lake wrote tears from the depth feelings of mankind's sons as the history goes wrongly by false directions as planned as We're Here For The Collapse, Every Nerve Ending, The Sound of Hope Lost, Ghosthorse and Fathoms describing how on earth our conscious already being played and ruins from the beginning until it is too damn late to regret and realizing how far we did building devastation for ourselves underneath the prosperous and priority of modern day stopping catastrophes ends unwell for the planet and our existence for the facts of Iron Sails.

Head-bang harder and carry on - even if it's too fucking late now !

Iron Sails: