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No. 1 in Hell (Cinematic Music Group 2017)

   Do the head-banger once but later on do your own thing while listening for a groovy distorting musical presentation off these Indie Rock Pop forms from Hackney, East London as Jacob Moore, Sasha Carlson, Thomas Beal and Toto Vivian had been Waiting A Lifetime to be released their sounds so catchy like The Beatles meet the slower version of Soul Asylum both music and appearance (and) the power of Pop soft walls of distort-sounds caging the surrounds right here sophomore the distance off Brit-Pop into the wilderness adventure and daily themes written not too carefully but wise enough to be your choice for waging the year in front over those problems and ignorant mind blowing following the image of that glittery guitar in the front cover as well as the more sing-along good tunes to be measured inside the record deal number two. 

   Splashh will be always like this as you can imagine for John Lennon children and Noel Gallagher playing on the same group together as Gentle April, See Through, Rings, Honey and Salt onto Closer as well as Look Down to Turn Away or Under The Moon reliable to rock your start-up boring work days with something little bit inspiring and easy listening. 

Catch the true meaning of their music on this one ! 

Waiting A Lifetime: