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Nigh Disorder (Lost Horizon Productions 2015)

   Via Satanism, murder and mutilations of Death Metal abundance being re-enact towards destruction themed written and arranging for the blasting eruptions of menacing thoughts gathered by the elements of suicidal delegation off the Hungarian crew of Budapest’s unit named Purulent Rites portraying thus addictive people died by their hour of having excessive needle and pain reaction led onto these quartet of gore-rotted performing extremities as Whisper (bass), Sadaist (drums), Moth on guitars and Jim Jones over lead vocals job upon this sicko psychotic releasing record of full length on Infectoins And Infestations growling harder like monstrous invasion within the display on The Festerraiser, It’s not Just in Your Head, Rope Scalpel Torch onto To Those Who Obey the Will of Scum and Tools To Prepare may given a mauled criminal digestions for those whom mad enough to hides their stinking corpses of victims and plan for mass-murder under the bed behind the closed door of Basement Secret.

... Overdosed or shot the bullet to your head !

Infectoins and Infestations: