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Neon City Boy Loose (Asylum Records 1973)

   An old retiring but later on reunites group from the early seventies era of a comprised members Mark Andes (bass, vocals), Jay Ferguson (keyboards, vocals), Matt Andes (guitars), Curly Smith on drums, Jimmie Randall (bass) and John Staehely on guitars/vocals of Los Angeles lying in bed for their cover front photo session as some female legs interrupts their focus failure to see the camera and Jo Jo Gunne would be your lesser favorite band to pick there when the lack of Nazareth and Grateful Dead misses demanding you to find a new forming group to rock and Jumpin’ The Gunne meets your expectation for AOR and Rock N’ Roll and Blues Rock tuning record to have for the stereo in mid-tempo volume gains this third catalogs written to the best awesome harmonic vocals and groovy solos to a revealing on that fat lady baby floating and a cute doggy marks the songs like I Wanna Love You, Red Meat, Getaway, Before You Get Your Breakfast or Monkey Music and Couldn’t Love You Better and At The Spa might fits for those cheating kinds and free-souls to do everyday sex intercourse with fine and ugly women without too much pretending not respecting them by judging the looks. 
Hormones may not seeing anything but connections and that lucky woman shall having these four gentlemen rockers topping her from several sides the end of the session take. 

Jumpin' The Gunne: