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Mount Massive Trap (Red Barrels 2013)

   You will be fucking sacred just like what things have to be faced by assuming role of investigate journalist Miles Upshur went to a remote journey far from civilized society cities as the dilapidated overrun by homicidal patients of psychiatric hospital as you playing the crouch, run, climbs but never make faults without stealth tactics and forgetting to survived because health bar screen is for avoiding horrible creature enemies not fighting them. 
   Pursuer attempts isn’t a choice here for this kind of situation as player in Outlast game must order to hiding in locker, sneaking away or staying in the shadows or under things in order to succeeded outrun dangers surrounding one once inside the terrifying place. The unlit crashed in  ost parts of the hospital will leave you disgust while the bodies of slaughtered physicians, patients or doctors and staffs scattered in the dark main hall, alleyways, corridors and upper levels to the restroom only using the camcorder wandering around for investigation equipped with night vision through the darkness that threatening. Traditional jump scares, audio effects alerting to night vision creepy modes as slowly consuming battery forcing you to find replacement or you might get caught, attacks and killed to restarts. Pointed issues of insanity gains and found-footage influences horror like the characters: schizotypal personality disorder self-anointed Father Martin, The Walrider, Walker and two cannibal twins, Rick Trager, Rudolf Gustav Wernicke as intensive dream therapy due to secrecy of operation paperclip connect swarms nanites becoming single malevolent, immolating, crucifix, comatose subjects and subterranean laboratories, new host to the panicked screaming and gunfire fades black the game – Outlast. 
   Compositions for the accompanying horrific events and wandering save plan on surviving yourself failed to meet the good endings provides by Samuel Laflamme written the work-titles of terrifying Electro-Ambient scoring fits to make anyone playing the game calls this one the scariest game ever made within Soldier Attack, Swarm Ambience, Arrival, Stealth in four parts onto Prison Run or Explosion will not spoiling how scared you are for the next night over night by mind-sets.