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Million A Feeds (Fat Wreck Chords 2001)

   Fast and can force the back wind to carried your spirits up again after several injuries and fall broken bones over the late years learning on how to skates pretty much well than those scumdogs kids from the neighboring alleys is the aim that goes on within the band routine blasts of Punk-Rock inspired by names like Fat Mike's of NOFX or Pennywise and Millencolin for Jim Cherry, John McCree, Milo Tedesco and Shawn Dewey fulfilling their dreams as the American average Punk rocking active group in the two-thousands era being known to the locals as Zero Down releasing this one and only album for them to experience the mass awakening of the beginning rise genre towards the warped tour hysteria undergoes; With A Lifetime To Pay might smashing your freaking computer and its data and the lost connections to the server for nobody wants to be slave of the system no more and today decided that all those pay due and passed bills will not stressing out those whom wanted to be free from the society bonds fake-ness as No Apologies, It Ain’t Over Yet, Going Nowhere, Every Bodys Whore, Suck Seed onto Temptation, never Gonna Be The Same and Self Medication leads the end to rebellious youth increasing as the new impressive awakening of consciousness generations whom didn’t listening to this record might also already a punk rockers like you and your non-famous friends. Once a loser turns to fighter; oppressing the oppressed in bad circle. 

With A Lifetime To Pay: