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Malandragem Roy Roy (Melting Pot Music 2015)

   Chill-Out sessions that would goes straight to your brain cells as soulful as unique eerie combinations of Tim Purnell works alone within The Sit-In recording on Hip-Hop meets instrumental-beats whether you can calling it experimental Ambient or never easy predictable as singer May, poets Louison and Imam Ally Salam to the keyboardist Ruoy Yaw explaining a new approach for this Cologne’s Twit One project over loops heaven displays, productive G-thang subdue influences as Rn’B correctness floats and flown with the beauty female vocals done the bundles of peace thanking sophomore and nice cuter artworks off Van Lagerstein and Robert Winter signs and small figures to be added onto the performance tracks of softer and groovy there through Go, Haunted House, Oldtimer, Babylon Hills as well as The Muted Sound of Falling Things, Daftari Hili, Nunu as strangest as Du Trik may leads you to favorable yourself found in the opening song – Nuseance under the organic blanket.

The Sit-in: