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Lunacy Inanna (Self-Released 2018)

   An invitation for everyone whom listening to this album dancing with the figure of dark beauty and talented as her journey, prayers, calling for the unification tribes of the world and part of a mission praising as offering to the mighty and gorgeous remarkable Mother Earth whom already provides and giving us everything that our duty to preserving her is a must means a lot to be sang, chant, felt and celebrated within the fact that we are all related is an aim from musical composition and arranging by Giselle Real-d’Arbelles as also performing vocals and flute over her presence there as Giselle World on Tribu.

   A Miamian – Florida girl with Caribbean decent writing and gave her works to your ears to remember that in between thus eight minutes and eight seconds or other seven minutes and six seconds and more tracks displays there’s an essential traditional carried musical enriched by the vision to steps ahead from this woman sharing her Shamanic Medicine Electro music and World Ethnic sounds corporate on a blended taste after chants or beat-vibes groove almost like the power words of aho mitakuyeoyasin as generally, extracts all the gains of supernatural and natural-healing to the present days and the past regains within Elementos, Madre Curandera as latino-taste also will struck you down the aisle by thicker sacred water blessings in music such as Ipalnemohuani or Abuelito Pinta (Fredy Figueroa Velasquez cover) onto the featuring for Kuauhtli Vasquez representing other native spirits in joy positivity hailing the sparks of new life in tropical jungle first rains or the spring blossoms comes again.