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Lon Lon Ranch (Nintendo Of America 1998)

   The first 3D graphics of the famous action-adventure gaming of all-time from Nintendo 64 – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time as player becoming Link the brave heroic adventurer in the land of fantasy named Hyrule for the quest of Gagondorf king of Gerudo tribe whom stole the Triforce 9the sacred wish-granting relic) travels to navigates onto dungeons for the awakens of seven sages to seal the evil ganondorf forever as introduced here over target locks sensitive buttons on the most advance adventure at the time in requires stealth movements, smarter decisions, access granting to collectible items and weapons for the helpful companion entering each dense contained areas of the dungeon stories by battling the boss, common themed or unique power vanishing enemies acquired Epona horse to travel faster or using Fairy bow with only one occasion – young Link can fitted to go in the forest temple as Ocarina of Time fairly given to Link by Princess Zelda after all the solving puzzle, various teleportations and visited locations controlled by the mastering player while listening for the good works of Koji Kondo – the Japanese composer and pianist to sound director contributions over the game originality tracks of instrumental dreamy on fairies world through Inside The Deku Tree, Market, Ocarina Songs, Kokiri Forest onto Fairy Flying and Title Theme and Hyrule Castle Courtyard reluctant to finishing the duration over an album records’ on seventy-seven minutes and sixteen seconds top. 

As one will see that they’re brought there by fate and loving the surrounding graphics by artistic pleasure intact almost like eternal.