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Little One Only (Virgin 1989)

   One cannot easily calling it just plain as Hard Rock because of the ever-moisture of Birmingham weather of UK’s rock fusion scene as these three brothers forming their British alliance of another version slightly similar to The Cult furious acts in lesser soften tempos but ingredients from the performance musical rocks out of Des Morris, Ian McKean, James Morris and Mark Morris calling themselves Balaam and The Angel infused the in-between of Glam-Rock meets Goth-Pop meets Heavy Rock treasure that you need to collects taken from their era while the mixtures on Alternative Rock/New Wave/Indie Goth and popular tastes can breaks female’s hearts on loving the good-looking quartet with covering mysterious superb stardom auras commencing the fifth releasing records from themselves – Days Of Madness. 

   The late eighties time gives you a greater one hit wonders and more classic pleasant silly rock shows and popular faces but Balaam and The Angel selling their infatuation cleverness for song-writings and good sense lyrics over romantic dangerous, darken lusts onto kisses of death before dying corrupts the innocence as She Really Gets To Me, Body N’ Soul, The Tenderloin, Did You Fall (Or Were You Pushed ?), Goodbye Forever, Stop Messin’ Round and Heartbreaker means a more to come spilling their guts and glory staging unknown for most as delivering standard rocks to be loved means more groupies to take into their hotel rooms or caravan. 

Yet, love is blinded and the blinds loved to be mislead there by these Brits Hair Rock…

Days Of Madness: