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Lavender Letters (Vale Of Tears 2018)

   Find a Neo-Folk urging unit playing their semi-acoustic tour locally on contemplative songs signals as intensive journey symbolic the gatefold of high reflective and palpable shifts on environmental issues of yourself neighboring as Cain’s Orchard portrayed the intentions written off Blood and Sun crew through heathen Folk/Dark Ambient or martial Industrial extended play performance on sounds delighted sad and gloomy via Erik Wivinus, Luke Tromczak, Thomas Ashe and Angela McJunkin versing the chants and myth-magic on soften occults reaction as one can see within the symbols and the essential of lyrics depth interpretations there. Three tracks and much traditional melodies compared; paints sharing as five minutes and sixteen seconds tunes - lasted on The Hunt and The Fall means a lot for fans of Depeche Mode to carry on their depression feelings through this thing ...

Yule drips and the melting ice spoke to the forest as social values of ourselves rotted.

Cain's Orchard: