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Kwetiao (Folcore 2014)

   There’s not much that you can learning about Shushupe but this project brought the out of your thoughts about Latino-beats of Electronic fusion on Downtempo y tropicana and digital Electro-Cumbia which being translates onto titles that you might not even heard before via three mini recording tracks complied here using bahasa Indonesia that tells about perhaps, the experience of the music-maker and arranger going for a trip to Semarang (capital city of central java) and continued to tell the audience while dancing happy fun towards Warung which means a street restaurant smaller sizing the globe as it seems and Indocumbia make sense to be add as the title of the record while thus Arabic transcriptions, the religious snake and tantra toad shows you the way to a southeast asia underland of beats while another secret reveals that this figure behind the rhythmic project machine is actually a female DJ arranger - Ursula Talavera producing this Electronic-Dance small package.