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Kiss Of Wine (RecordJet 2014)

   Death-Rock and Goth-Punk of Hell Ville hometown local reaction-seeker and popular culture haters crew consisting of Baby Bastard on vocals/guitars/keyboards, Mummy Baby on vocals/bass, Fangy the drummer and percussionist to the anti-christian Liberation Sindicate as writing music and lyrics menacing in order to make the creations of Post-Punk to the fashionable passionate liking on Christian Death, Deadchovsky and Bauhaus are the talents of creation over Dead Born Babies being influenced off A.C.L.S from the graveyard to the living complex terrorizing people and dreams invading since the last late sleep on the coffins didn’t goes well as these punks awaken again and measured that this time the disturbance shall marks scoring level higher as A Call To Cult recorded not by whisperer but draining beats and monotonous acts on head-bangs and biting fangs shouting thus non-popular tracks stories about Black Party with Witches, El Incienso del Infierno, Declaration of 1883, Skeletal Dancing or The Offering of Honey and La Hora Marcada may spoils the alternative rock of death crashing seminal infection New Wave and spreading the disease through-out Montreal, Quebec. 

A Call To Cult: