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Joy Night (Flowing Downward 2018)

   Mastering the art of one man project within Blackgaze/atmospheric Retrowave to experimental melancholic Heavy Metal of the 80’s sounds are the ability shown there via this Post-Metal attributes into Synth-Wave collaboration assuring the place where you just want to pop out with melodic metal-music goes to the outer space and adventuring another dimension besides life itself. Seven songs compositions and elitist progression in quality of well inner as expected diversity making sounds of blasting metallic onto silenced sphere apparels for the actual time being background for Back To Reality opening your views into several doors to choose in from the Abstract Void’s second works.
   Both digital world and mountain ranges or inside the smaller reality checks comes within As I Watch The Sunset Fade, Wind of Reminiscence towards Disconnected to A Reflection of Dying Past as well as Sigh enclosing the instrumental tracks booting to your mixtures and mastering results here off Nekkomix studio serving us pretty well material reflections for the future age. 

Back To Reality: