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Joshua Rising (Bandcamp 2019)

   New meaningful means of collaborations between Buck Gooter is literary a project of guitarist/vocalist Terry Turtle and Billy Brett for programming/vocals gimme their seminal collision of Punkish grooves meet Grunge-Blues meet the experimental noises that brawling your ears being described themselves as primer Industrial blues group managing that reign of recognition for luminaries underground alike Henry Rollins in most energetic flails or serpent-like expression facial to brandishing hallucinatory painted finishing of rhythmic icons to percussionist as thrashed out stage onto howls and synth-melodies to pummeling machine drums and Finer Thorns being granted about to amusing protests before two weirdos of Harrisonburg, Virginia controlling their final tracks like Skunks Are Cool, Alien, Science is a Rascal, Pastoralists, Peace Siren among many more songs written here on this 18th of 14 years long jump career minus the ugliness of being old. 

PS. Leather jackets and odd masks to wear as choices ?

Finer Thorns: